About Us

VMAXSOR is the web-based business management tool that helps companies improve operational efficiencies, and increase revenue and profits. VMAXSOR’s custom-configured software is loaded on the newest smart devices such as customer facing devices, hand-held devices and communication devices to capture valuable data on the complete business operations. The majority of our competitors, mostly outside of Canada, focus on the mobile workforce advantages of the handheld communications device and GPS, with business applications primarily tied to dispatching and provides little, if not all, business intelligence data.  The VMAXSOR platform is far more than that, with a focus on the “entire” business, it is designed and configured around the needs of business owners, operations managers and financial managers, it will benefit marketing and customer relation services as it will generate real-time, accurate and actionable information to improve company operational efficiency and profitability.

While the VMAXSOR platform helps your mobile workers be more efficient, it is a tool more for the owner than the technician. It helps you create accurate and user-friendly reports about the profitability of the business.