Designed to improve the effectiveness of a mobile workforce

The hardware-agnostic VMAXSOR platform was designed around the unique challenges and needs of a mobile workforce, whether your business is retail, distribution or field service. Our custom-configured software editions are loaded onto mobile computing and communicating devices, allowing you to monitor employee activities, generate on-the-spot reports, centralize and facilitate upgrades on new applications, and push new software versions through a web interface. Information from data capture can be sent directly into business and ERP system. Among the key benefits, the platform makes companies more efficient by automating manual activities.

Other company benefits include:

  • Improved customer experiences (by allowing both customers and users to communicate more rapidly)
  • Better inventory management and overall business decision-making
  • Improve efficiency and productivity for organization
  • Help with resources management
  • Shorter invoice preparation time to expedite cash flow
  • Higher ROI and lower total cost of ownership
  • Improved profitability

The smart device software can be accessed through many mobile devices!

Currently available solutions: