Intelligent Fitting Room

The Solution

VMAXSOR Intelligent Fitting Room facilitates the sales process by allowing customers to remain in the fitting room while requesting different products from the staff on the floor. Using devices such as tablets, smartphones, mobile computers, or communication badges, the sales associates can interact with the customers in the fitting room quickly and more efficiently. As customers remain in the comfort of the fitting room, the sales associate provides them with all the items they have requested.

Portal, kiosk, mobile and sample reports

The Sales Associates

Since VMAXSOR Intelligent Fitting Room helps improve in-store customer experience, customers stay in the store longer, which facilitates upselling.
Customizeable reports allow retailers to better manage their stores. Some of these reports include:

  • Structured data that can be exported into any BI platform for more in-depth analysis
  • Fitting room activity
  • Store staff efficiency
  • Items tried by customers vs. items purchased during the course of a business day
  • Web Portal

Web Portal

Fitting room activities and requests are logged in the backend and can be viewed on the VMAXSOR portal using standard web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. Reports can then be generated or the data can be extracted to a BI system for more in depths reports.


  • Enhance in-store customer experience
  • Increase in-store sales
  • Better staff management and empowerment
  • Improve operational visibility with Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics