This mobility application for the distribution market facilitates and automates the ordering process between the stores and the distribution centers. This client-server application consists of the following elements:



  • PDA with Windows Mobile 5.x and higher using a MS SQL Mobile Database and a wireless data connection to the server
  • Browser: IE – version 6.0 and higher


  • MS SQL 2005 Database
  • Web server: IIS
  • Web services

The active client on the mobile device can perform the following activities:

  • Create and review order history
  • Check the transmission status
  • Synchronization process to help maintain up to date product lists from distribution center

The Web interface allows the Distribution Center to:

  • Quickly check which stores have made an order
  • Review the order history
  • Review transfer activities with the backend internal system
  • Review all processes made between the PDA and the server
  • Review synchronization process for maintenance purposes when new application updated are uploaded to the PDAs

Benefits Include:

  • Higher ROI and lower total cost of ownership
  • Centralized order review at a glance from the Distribution Center Web Interface.
  • Centralized maintenance on PDA application upgrade from Wireless WAN
  • Audit trail and logs
  • Better control and on-the-spot validation of ordering quantities allowed and discontinued products
  • Store clerk can review order history before placing new orders

VMAXSOR Order is also available in a “light” version to provide a reasonably priced alternative for businesses with limited computing (IT) environments, such as a minimal communication link, no wireless network, and/or little or no IT expertise. The light version allows customers to use their existing equipment (computer and Internet connection) with little investment in mobile devices and yet be able to make and transmit their order to the Distribution Center.