Task Management

The VMAXSOR Task Management Edition offers a mobility solution that automates all the essential components of task managements such as:

  • Task creation
  • Task execution
  • Real-time task monitoring
  • Task reporting and production of metrics

With VMAXSOR Task Management, managers and supervisors can create tasks via any web browser on any device (computer console, tablet) from anywhere with a secure access to the server. Once created the tasks are assigned to employees at specific locations.

Staff members can receive tasks via mobile devices such as tablets, smart badges and smartphones. Task status is updated on a real time basis.

With access to the Web portal, management can follow task execution and completion, as the data is synchronized in real time manner. Escalation can take place if need be and reports can be generated to collect metrics to evaluate and improve the overall task management process.


  • High ROI and low TCO
  • Improve resource management throughout the organization
  • Easy process to assign and deliver tasks to the right resource
  • Easier to follow when tasks are not completed on time
  • Provides real-time status of tasks to managers and supervisors
  • Increase productivity by allowing staff to spend time on high priority tasks instead of trying to track staff because tasks are not done in a timely manner
  • Help improve productivity and efficiency of the entire organization with metrics generated from the task management system